Can’t Connect Your WordPress Self-Hosted Site to the WordPress App?

You might need to enable XML-RPC! If you are hosted on Digital Ocean and used their 1-Click Install then XML-RPC will be blocked by default. Here is how to disable the XML-RPC Block on Digital Ocean’s WordPress 1-Click Install.

XML-RPC is a feature of WordPress that is used to connect to the WordPress apps to your website, which can be super useful if you are an on-the-go blogger or even if you just want to ability to manage or edit a WordPress site from one of your devices without logging in through the web. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and have your WordPress site launched via Digital Ocean’s 1-click install, this feature is blocked by default for security reasons. Luckily, it’s a simple fix.

Ssh into your server and paste in the following commands:

Disable block:

a2disconf block-xmlrpc
systemctl reload apache2

Should you ever want to re-enable the XML-RPC block for some reason, this is how you can undo the previous change:

Re-Enable block:

a2enconf block-xmlrpc
systemctl reload apache2

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